status update

Migrated to Hugo!

As returning visitors may note, the look and feel of (and have changed drastically. Closer inspection yields it's no longer Wordpress at all, and all of the content is being delivered over HTTPS. That's because I spent an inordinate amount of time converting my two Wordpress blogs to Hugo / Markdown format, and they are now hosted through Caddy, which means automatic HTTPS. The upshot: Hosting of the sites is now done through my own hardware, specifically a Raspberry Pi 2 about a meter from me as I write.

New Job: IndieBio EU!

So, this isn't private news and it's already known to many, but there's some stuff I'd like to share here in the near future which may seem confusing or surprising unless I first officially come out with it on my blog. Since several weeks ago, I am officially the Scientific Director of IndieBio EU, the accelerator formerly known (and mentioned here) as Synbio Axlr8r. This is a pretty exciting shift for me; it closes a chapter where I worked under the umbrella of Glowbiotics, my open biotech start-up, and a stint as a mentor at Synbio Axlr8r 1.

Cork Biomakerspace, AKA Forma Biolabs: Some Updates

In the considerable time since my last update, much has changed around our biomakerspace project. All for the better, thankfully, though things remain a bit precarious (as ever). Firstly, as hinted in the title, the Cork biomakerspace project has a name: “Forma”! This name was inspired by that of La Paillasse (“The Bench”) transliterated to Irish. Given the choice between idiomatic but Anglicised “BĂ­nse” or the probably Latin-derived “Forma” we chose the latter because the spelling is more obvious to non-Irish speakers and it sounds exactly as it is spelled in most English dialects.

Yes, Indiebiotech is Down.

It's weeks late, but if you're looking for, or for that matter my old blog domain, they are both inactive right now. Well, not inactive. Rather, fruitlessly pointing at random IP addresses rather than the correct server. This is something that I'm trying to address, and failing to address. Oh yea, and months without an update.. there's loads I'm planning to post here STOP I've got a lot of news, probably too much to digest in a single post STOP Migration

Hi all, quick notice: I'm changing my hosting from to, because the latter is in a country with a greater regard for freedom of expression. Some bugs may result! Wordpress has a fantastic export/import function that so far appears to work really well, but please let me know if anything's amiss. Work at Indie Biotech progresses really well, and I'll have some exciting stuff to share here soon!

Negligence and Coming-Soons

I'm a serial blog-abandoner, but I'm generally good for eventually returning to them and reviving them again for a while. Consider this an update since the last post, in which time much has happened and more is expected soon. Workshops The science gallery workshops went great, as far as I'm concerned. The (regrettably few) participants were great fun to work with, and I learned a lot about the unique requirements of a mobile or temporary lab.

Current Projects at Indie Biotech

Update: I deleted my Google account so the video is broken. If I find it later I'll re-up. :) Here's some stuff I'm doing at the moment that you might find interesting. If you're going to say “Hey, aren't you supposed to be biohacking and genetic engineering and such?", I'm awaiting a verdict from the Irish EPA regarding a site license. I'll detail my experiences with the Irish GMO regulation system when I've come out the other end, one way or another.

Site in progress

Welcome to, where I hope to offer a range of products and services for DIY-biologists and lean biotech startup companies in the near future. Update Update - and are now all pointing to the same place. Update - Got the domain settings working a lot better, and the blog seems to be working “as intended” too. Happy times! I'll assemble a few fun protocols and upload them soon.