Post Mindfield 2011

Needless to say for many of my visitors, doubtless directed here by a surprisingly popular video of a DNA extraction I performed on a Banana at Mindfield, the event was a big hit for DIYbio/Amateur Biotech. Indeed, it was a hit from almost every angle I can personally imagine, although I'll save a full round-up of events for my personal blog (my mind was somewhat blown open by the festival). Here, I'll just share the highlights that might be relevant to DIYbioers.

Mindfield Workshop

As mentioned previously, I'll be offering a repeat of the Cork workshop at Mindfield this Friday. You can register here if you think you'd like to come along; it's free! The workshop is tailored toward absolute beginners, and starts with an introduction to Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology, followed by a discussion on DIYbio and Amateur or “Indie” Biotech, an introduction to a specific bacteria I particularly like, and a chance for participants to actually start growing the bacterium then and there.

Cork/Dublin Workshoppery

This Friday and Saturday, I'm hosting three daily sessions of a DIYbio workshop, focusing on Amateur Microbiology and Biotechnology. The DIYbio workshops are in the Camden Palace Building, in Nexus Cork (the Cork Makerspace). Following that, I'm hosting another DIYbio workshop at Mindfield on April 29th in the Hackerspace tent at 8PM, which will follow the same format as the above. This workshop will focus on microbiology, genetic engineering and synthetic biology as topics of discussion, and participants will be shown the basic techniques of Microbiology.