Maker Faire

Maker Faire 2011 Debriefing

Maker Faire 2011 was, true to expectations, even bigger and better than last year. Expecting as much, Brian Degger and I were prepared. Our DIYbio table was a big improvement on last year, with more interaction and more experimentation on our part than before. As bad luck would have it, our location was very poor compared to last year; our stand was in the Convention Center, a room of wonders that was thoughtfully omitted from the maps and for which there were no signs to follow.

Maker Faire Setup

Maker Faire UK 2011 begins tomorrow, and today exhibitors are being given a chance to set things up and prepare. As we're offering a DIY microbiology event, we'll need happy plates of microbes to work with, so our incubator is getting set up and our HEPA will be running on low speed to prepare for the day to come. By way of update, we actually have only 50 plates to give out due to damaged dishes in the package I received.

Maker Faire UK and DIYbio Dinner

Maker Faire is creeping up on me, and I have limited time to prepare as I'm leaving for Scotland/NW England early for a bit of a holiday. So, my last few days have been spent in hectic preparation for the event. Myself and Brian Degger will be hosting a table on DIYbio and Indie Biotech, as we did last year, but we are making a strong effort this time around to include more interactive exhibits.

2010, an Excellent Year In Review

Well, everyone is doing it so I may as well jump on board. As it happens, 2010 has been a really, really exciting year for me, so writing this will be an indulgent remembrance. In fact, looking back this morning, I was surprised at how much of the things I’ve lately been happy with took place in 2010; some of them seemed like so long ago. Like any year, it’s been full of good, bad and ugly, but for the most part good.

Makerfaire Newcastle Update: A DIYbio Success Story

Folks from Makerfaire: Here's a link to the Instructions for Making DIY Microbial Media (the homebrew petri dishes) and Isolating Bioluminescent Bacteria! Give them a read through, and let me know if you try them and what results you got! Take care! I've just returned this evening from Makerfaire: Newcastle. I had an amazing time, and I was thoroughly inspired by the people I met there and the things they're doing.

Newcastle Maker Faire

Tomorrow, I disappear to Maker Faire Newcastle to meet Brian Degger of, see loads of Makers and made things, and help give a workshop on DIYbio. Should be fun! If you're about Newcastle, look us up at the event!