The future of the RPG industry: Publishing in Microcosm

Ask any RPG gamer whether they buy their books locally anymore, and you will usually get one of two answers. Either they don't, because it's so much cheaper to buy them online, or they do, and they do it to support their local gaming store. When Gaming Retail Becomes Charity But, when did it become a matter of charity whether or not to buy locally? The fact of the matter is, for a variety of reasons tied into Gaming Culture and the profit margins of selling books of any sort, it's simply not cost-effective to run a traditional RPG store anymore.

Rebel Alliance

Update: Rebel Alliance is by now defunct, sorry. I've disabled the links. I'm suddenly involved in a new project, provisionally called the “Rebel Alliance”, which Cork-born gamers will note is a pun on Cork's well earned ‘Rebel’ reputation and the star wars institution. It aims to be an independant Cork gaming event, which we're planning to run on Mondays in the Newport lounge, starting this September. I offered webspace, that's my sole contribution so far.