IndieBB - Technical FAQ

As I am redesigning the main pitch-page for IndieBB in order to appeal more to the currently-untechnical audience, what little technical detail I've reserved for the main page will have to be stripped out; I'm taking this opportunity to write up a “Frequently Asked Questions” post to address the more technical queries I'm seeing in the survey, tweets, comments and other correspondence. I will soon also post a less technical FAQ, but given that “Less Technical FAQ” is now the design goal for the main IndieBB crowdfunding page, I'm considering it a lower priority.

Technology Review Article & Attendant FAQ

An article covering my work was published today in the online edition of MIT Technology Review Magazine. It was written by Antonio Regalado, and he was very thorough in his research; nobody else to date has asked for scanned documentation to back up my claim of winning a Class 1 License from the EPA! The article was well written and had a great narrative flow, but some readers may be left with questions on the “crunchy bits”: details that don't make a great story, but might satisfy a sufficiently piqued interest.