Synbio Future talk: Video and Retrospective

So, I gave a talk at the Synbio Future conference in Cork, which was organised by SynbioAxlr8r and brought in some top talent in Synthetic Biology to speak about their work and the prospects for the future of the field, and Ireland's role in it. My own talk was in the “translation” block, so I tried to discuss my experiences making a business out of Synbio. At the time, I was trying to raise money for IndieBB (an effort which failed), but I tried to keep that out of the talk except where it was relevant.

Rebel Alliance

Update: Rebel Alliance is by now defunct, sorry. I've disabled the links. I'm suddenly involved in a new project, provisionally called the “Rebel Alliance”, which Cork-born gamers will note is a pun on Cork's well earned ‘Rebel’ reputation and the star wars institution. It aims to be an independant Cork gaming event, which we're planning to run on Mondays in the Newport lounge, starting this September. I offered webspace, that's my sole contribution so far.