better mousetrap

2010, an Excellent Year In Review

Well, everyone is doing it so I may as well jump on board. As it happens, 2010 has been a really, really exciting year for me, so writing this will be an indulgent remembrance. In fact, looking back this morning, I was surprised at how much of the things I’ve lately been happy with took place in 2010; some of them seemed like so long ago. Like any year, it’s been full of good, bad and ugly, but for the most part good.

Mousetrap Testing Update

I tested the ‘Tower Bridge’ mousetrap, after sanding the rails down good and smooth. It fell either too easily or not easily enough, but I got it to stay gently jammed in the ‘up’ position after baiting it, then left it for two nights. As the pictures show, first day it had been visited.. by Ants! Cheeky feckers. Next morning it had fallen, but again with no mouse. I feel that the tendency to fall randomly is an issue, calling for a trigger of some sort.

Makerbot Mousetrap Challenge: July Update

Hello Makerbotters and curious folk. Here's a well deserved update for the “Mouse Get!” Challenge I posted.. er.. ages ago. To recap for those unaware: the challenge was to create a printable, live-catching mousetrap that could be made with a Makerbot. That worked. I offered $25 for the winning design. Makerbot Industries added an optional condition that the winning trap be Open-Source, which was an obvious condition that I somehow forgot (d'oh), and awesomely added a Teeshirt to the prize.

The Makerbot Better Live Mousetrap Challenge

So, last night (being about 26 hours ago I think) I posted a challenge to the Makerbot User's Group, asking for a live mousetrap that I could print, use, and award €25 for. Team Makerbot blogged it, and threw in a teeshirt if the winner was released under an open license, which just makes it all the more cool! Today, I received 5kg of plastic from, so I'm ready to start printing tomorrow.