The Makerbot Better Live Mousetrap Challenge

So, last night (being about 26 hours ago I think) I posted a challenge to the Makerbot User's Group, asking for a live mousetrap that I could print, use, and award €25 for. Team Makerbot blogged it, and threw in a teeshirt if the winner was released under an open license, which just makes it all the more cool!

Today, I received 5kg of plastic from, so I'm ready to start printing tomorrow.

26 hours after the contest opened, there are at least 5 designs, which run the gamut of possible ways to catch a mouse! It's gonna be fun. I have to close applications here though, as I only have so much time to print and test them.

As mentioned elsewhere, applications are closed unless you have a design in the works already. Please let me know soon if that's the case.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a design!

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.