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Welcome to, where I hope to offer a range of products and services for DIY-biologists and lean biotech startup companies in the near future.

  • Update Update - and are now all pointing to the same place.

  • Update - Got the domain settings working a lot better, and the blog seems to be working “as intended” too. Happy times! I'll assemble a few fun protocols and upload them soon. They'll relate to culturing and working practically with Bacillus subtilis, a fantastic organism for DIYbio. Go read about Bacillus subtilis on Wikipedia and MicrobeWiki. It's less smelly than E.coli, less likely to cause raised eyebrows or food poisoning, and could well be easier to grow and edit.

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If you're impatient for fun DIYbio projects or just conversation, you can follow my progress on twitter @onetruecathal, or you can check out my personal blog, edit: Blogs now merged, you're here!. Or, of course, the original site and mailing list, where I contribute regularly.

Good luck, Cathal Garvey

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