Rebel Alliance

Update: Rebel Alliance is by now defunct, sorry. I've disabled the links.

I'm suddenly involved in a new project, provisionally called the “Rebel Alliance”, which Cork-born gamers will note is a pun on Cork's well earned ‘Rebel’ reputation and the star wars institution.

It aims to be an independant Cork gaming event, which we're planning to run on Mondays in the Newport lounge, starting this September.

I offered webspace, that's my sole contribution so far. You'll find the (unfinished) web board at: redacted

It's ready for use already; sign up if you enjoy RPGS, LARPS, Wargames, Miniatures, Cardgames, or Boardgames, and you live in Cork. No memberships or commitments necessary or disparaged: RA is open to anyone interested.

Among the planned uses of the board, besides bringing a sense of fraternity to Cork gaming, is as a directory for gamers with specific game interests and as a helpful gateway to other projects of note to the community.

Even as I write this (piecemeal, over the course of the day), we're getting signups! So, less talk and more admin. I might have already given us a bad rep by dawdling and failing to fix a broken theme..

See ye there!

Update: The first session of the Rebel Alliance went well, and with a few faces absent we still made upwards of 40 people attending. The webforum is almost as successful with (at my last glance) 34 members, and some nice discussion.

We helped publicise the RA through Bebo and Facebook: It had occurred to me some days before that Bebo provided the perfect platform for marketing strategy online, because it gave you an accessible web development framework and ways to make your marketing ploy viral easily. Once people became “Friends”, it also allowed you to post public comments that would reach them all unobtrusively and noninvasively. I can already see this trend with things like The Cadbury's Page, which already has me thinking of delicious Chocolate.

Speaking also of Facebook and Bebo, see the post I'm about to make above about privacy.

Thanks to all who helped publicise RA, I'm very happy with our results this Monday, and I'm looking forward to the next!

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