"Nexus Presents: Happy World: Burma, The Dictatorship of the Absurd", this Wednesday. Admission Free!

Dear all,

This Wednesday, Nexus Cork (Cork's quite awesome local Makerspace) will be hosting a film screening in the Camden Palace Hotel on Camden Quay.

Entry is free, and you can avail of a copy of the film if you bring a USB-capable Android or Laptop. A lower resolution form of the film is also loaded on the Dead Drop just inside the door to the building.

Happy World: Burma, the Dictatorship of the Absurd” is a highly acclaimed and engaging documentary of the state of Burma, known to some as Myanmar. A state that has suffered crippling and often bizarre proscriptions and revisions under the rule of a Military Junta, Burma shares the dubious distinction of being the only other holdout state to use the Imperial Measurement system in 2011 with the United States. That's probably not relevant to the film, but I thought I'd share a factoid while the opportunity arose. For more amusing or incensing factoids about Burma, join us this Wednesday, and bring your friends.

Did I mention admission is free, and you can get a copy of this excellent, Creative Commons-licensed film to enjoy forever?

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.