My DNA Sculpture is now for sale on Shapeways!

Just for love, I designed and printed myself a little sculpture of a DNA double-helix on a small base. It's going to be my desk ornament in the lab for the next few months while I try to finish my project on time and write a thesis.

Of course, nowadays if you've made something you're proud of, it's a trivial thing to offer it for sale to others with similar nerdy interests! And so, I put this on Shapeways.

If you're not familiar with Shapeways, they will print out your 3D files in virtually any material, this includes plastics, glass, steel and gold-plated steel. It's crazy but brilliant. And items can be offered for sale somewhat like Lulu does for books.

So if you feel like a premium, gold-plated model of DNA on your desk, you can hop on over to Shapeways to order your DNA Sculpture!

Perhaps if this sells well it'll help cover the costs of all the quite excellent stuff I'm buying from Pearl Biotech. Even if they are worth every penny.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.