Migrated to Hugo!

As returning visitors may note, the look and feel of IndieBiotech.com (and CathalGarvey.me) have changed drastically. Closer inspection yields it's no longer Wordpress at all, and all of the content is being delivered over HTTPS.

That's because I spent an inordinate amount of time converting my two Wordpress blogs to Hugo / Markdown format, and they are now hosted through Caddy, which means automatic HTTPS.

The upshot: Hosting of the sites is now done through my own hardware, specifically a Raspberry Pi 2 about a meter from me as I write. Even though my bandwidth is hardly better than my previous host, the page-loads are probably equivalent because static blogs are lightning-fast.

This may also open up opportunities for me to play around with hosting more exotic stuff, because my much-beloved hosts at 1984 only do PHP.. whereas behind Caddy, I can run Python/CGI, Golang, or any other language I like. I'm tempted to build and run a service for PySplicer, but then I've had plans for making PySplicer a webapp for ages. The reality is that for now, the big difference here is the theme and layout, and we'll see where I take it from there.

Speaking of domains and hosting and big changes, you may also be the sort to notice things like Forma Labs’ current downtime.. that's accidental, the result of a miscommunication. If we can recover the content from the site prior to this downtime, I'll try to get it back online soon.

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