Meanwhile; an important perspective

While looking up a protocol for growing bone marrow cells, I came across something quite different; a post on a blog about the author's bone marrow transplant. Particularly as I'm involved in cancer research, I found this very important right away. The author, Andrea, has devoted a blog to documenting her personal experiences as a cancer patient (with Hodgekin's Lymphoma, to be exact), and has done so in a very powerful way.

The writing style oscillates between silly and sad, and between playfully shallow and deep and introspective. Andrea puts the whole experience into a first-person narrative, and helps to remind people that cancer isn't just painful on TV.

I've bookmarked it and I plan to read through from the start, bit by bit. I hope she will continue writing it, up to a point. With any luck she'll soon no longer need to, as she'll have been cured. Take a look and pass it along.

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