Maker Faire UK and DIYbio Dinner

Maker Faire is creeping up on me, and I have limited time to prepare as I'm leaving for Scotland/NW England early for a bit of a holiday. So, my last few days have been spent in hectic preparation for the event.

Myself and Brian Degger will be hosting a table on DIYbio and Indie Biotech, as we did last year, but we are making a strong effort this time around to include more interactive exhibits. Because last year I flew over, I couldn't bring any live samples with me. This time, I'm driving over with a car full of lab equipment!

We're planning to host an exhibit where interested visitors can come up and streak a plate of agar with bacteria to take home. Given that, even with my efforts being what they are we'll only have 60 plates to give away, we may have to pace the event over the two days depending on demand. I might have time to prepare a bunch of sealed tubes containing cultures of Bacillus subtilis for those who couldn't/didn't streak plates, so they can still take them home and get some culture into their lives.

There will be informational material to introduce novices to the concepts involved in Synthetic Biology and DIYbio. We will also be presenting information on other experiments, potentially including a Winogradsky Column (if it grows in time) and Yeast-based experiments. Finally, I'll be providing information on my upcoming product, which I'm tentatively calling “pIndie”; a plasmid for DIYbio.

Speaking of which, (because I believe in transparency) I'm pleased to say that I have placed an order with Epoch Life Sciences for the first prototype of the plasmid. This version will contain half the features but cost only a sixth of the total price for the full thing. If it works stably without the extra baggage, I'll consider it the final product. I'm expecting it to be delivered sometime within the next five weeks, but it'll be a while after that before I can commit to any sort of shipping date, as there will be testing and validation to do in addition to a meeting with the Irish EPA to discuss Garage Biotech.

Hopefully I'll see you at Maker Faire. If you aren't motivated by Maker Faire, consider coming to a DIYbio dinner on Saturday 12th after the Faire, location to be decided. Details as they develop will be discussed here:

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