Maker Faire Setup

Maker Faire UK 2011 begins tomorrow, and today exhibitors are being given a chance to set things up and prepare. As we're offering a DIY microbiology event, we'll need happy plates of microbes to work with, so our incubator is getting set up and our HEPA will be running on low speed to prepare for the day to come.

By way of update, we actually have only 50 plates to give out due to damaged dishes in the package I received. With luck, they'll all have survivde the long drive here and the cold nights without any contamination (they're all wrapped safely, but you never know..).

An update on our live cultures on show; the Winogradsky column didn't layer out in time, and it's still belching hydrogen sulphide a lot (growing pains, it seems) so we won't be showing it off. We have kombucha in a little jar, but whether or not it forms the characteristic “SCOBY” pancake of high-grade microbial cellulose is down to chance and how happy it's feeling. Kombucha doesn't like being moved while it grows, you see. We also have, obviously, some very happy Bacillus subtilis plates to show and share.

So, if you're a microbiology nerd already or just considering the vocation, call into us at Maker Faire! We won't disappoint.

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