Irish law, ethics and Biohacking - Tomorrow, 1-4pm at Science Gallery

Hey all,
Tomorrow is the last session of the first biohacking workshops in Ireland. It's been awesome fun (even though much of the hastily prepared stuff didn't work as intended!) and really informative to me and hopefully my excellent participants.

Sadly a lot of people couldn't make the weekdays due to pernicious blights such as employment, but tomorrow might be a chance to get a more diverse group together before it's all over.

Tomorrow will be an introductory talk followed by a forum: I'd like to introduce the Irish regulatory framework surrounding biotech, some ways that we could organise and mitigate the costs and difficulties, and some factors to consider when weighing the safety and ethics of a project. Then I'd like to open it up to a forum discussion on the whole thing.

It's on between 1 and 4 tomorrow, and admission is €10 at the main desk. You'll have a chance to take part in some early formative discussions on the hobby. You'll also be helping to show the nice people at Science Gallery that there is interest in Diybio despite the low initial uptake. This means future workshops may be more likely to happen, and at more convenient times to facilitate the employed!

If you know anyone who would like to join, please let them know and forward this on. Looking forward to seeing you!

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