Ignite Video (on Youtube)

The talks at Ignite Dublin #6 were all scintillating and enjoyable, and are now almost all available on Youtube at the Science Gallery channel for your viewing pleasure.

I was particularly happy with the representation of the Life Sciences at this event. Conor Houghton, the organiser, is a biologist, as was Ann-Marie Power of the “What Sticks?” talk. Myself and Sean O'Boyle (of the epigenetics epic “You Are What Your Grandparents Ate") are geneticists, as is Aoife McLysaght (who gave a racy genetics talk at Ignite Electric Picnic #1 entitled “Incest and Bestiality").

There were also several people in the crowd from the excellent “Visceral” Art/Life exhibition hosted at Science Gallery (which is finishing tomorrow), and a smattering of random folks with either professional or personal interests in biology and genetics. All in all, Life Sciences was a strong theme there, I feel.

I will also say that I was very proud with my own performance, in that I didn't forget my lines midway like my last Ignite Talk. That may be because I forewent preparing rigid lines this time, which was definitely a good idea even if a lot of important things went forgotten or unsaid. Ignite isn't a forum for in-depth discussion or holistic coverage of a topic; it's a chance to quickly (even brutally) introduce something exciting, and then move aside for another person to take the stage.

Without further introduction or airs, I'll post the video as presented kindly by Science Gallery on Youtube. Be gentle in the comments, and forgive the unfortunate freeze-frame.

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