Garage Biotech at Barcamp Cork, Ignite Dublin

Introductory Note

Perhaps a quick word of introduction. If you don't know me yet, welcome to, my name is Cathal Garvey, and I live in Cork City in Ireland.

I'm an avid DIYbio enthusiast, a trained and fairly experienced molecular biologist (specifically, a Geneticist). I believe that everyone with an interest in DIYbio and Synthetic biology should be able to learn and access easily what they need to start experimenting, because I know that until that happens nobody will trust this amazing, transformative technology, even as it grows and develops without them.

To that end, Indie Biotech will be the focal point of my efforts to encourage responsible citizen science and to enable a “Lean Startup” model for Biotech. There will always be a strong effort to reduce hazardous and environmentally damaging reagents and byproducts in my protocols and kits.

Getting to the Matter At Hand

I'll be introducing Garage Biotech and DIYbio at the free Barcamp Cork conference this November 20th. I've been asked to plan for a 35 minute talk followed by a Q&A session, so it promises to be exciting for me and hopefully for everyone else, too.  I'll hopefully get the entire talk recorded in High Definition and I'll upload it here afterwards ASAP. Naturally, the talk will be Creative Commons licensed.

I'll also be giving a talk on DIYbio and Garage Biotech at Ignite Dublin #6 this February 2011. The provisional date appears to be 10/2/11, so I'm already looking forward to another chance to watch a host of exciting talks on..everything, and to offer a little something of my own.

Finally, I've submitted an application for the Newcastle Makerfaire this March 2011, and I hope that by then I'll be able to offer not just a talk but a practical workshop and some interesting experiments to take home and do at home! Depending on how restrictive English Law is regarding simple GMO experiments, I may even be able to offer a “My First GMO” workshop for curious folks, with an open forum on bioethics and what these technologies represent afterwards. For now, I'll sit tight and hope my application is accepted.

Writing this, I'm getting excited myself about the exciting lineup! A big improvement over thesis-writing. :) I hope to meet a host of interesting people at all three events, and so should you! Clear your schedule and book tickets!

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