DremelFuge, First Go

I've had on my mind an idea for some time that I've wanted to try. Having a Makerbot has enabled me to experiment with mad science on a level I've not been able to before, so here it is: DremelFuge, a printable drill/rotary tool attachment that spins microcentrifuge tubes!

I uploaded a quickly mashed-together first draft to Thingiverse, but didn't have a chance to print it that day as planned because I lost my laptop in town while Christmas shopping. Thankfully, I found the laptop since. Just tonight, I got an email from a friend in Washington telling me DremelFuge had been featured in Makezine, which blows my mind completely. Well, not being content to let it remain unprinted for a moment longer, I set to making it.

It was my hope that I'd be able to put it to immediate use and have something great to add right away, but unfortunately it doesn't work just yet. However, that's simply a matter of solving two design mistakes: Firstly, spacing the cavities further apart to increase the strength of the printed object, and secondly providing some means of actually loading the microcentrifuge tubes! Unfortunately as made, the object made no allowance for actually putting the tubes onto the rotor, which of course makes it impractical to use. I aim to fix this as quickly as possible.

Without further ado, the good news: It survived a full-speed test on the best drill we own, which tells me it should survive the rigours of actual use as well!

DremelFuge Speed Test on Powerdrill

More on this as I develop it!

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