DIYbio UK Summit, Manchester Madlab

Here's a belated notice for those able to make last-minute flightplans. This weekend, the Manchester Madlab are hosting a DIYbio Summit, and the lineup looks great.

You can book places for the DIYbio Summit on Eventbrite; please come if you're able, there's already a great crowd due to attend. As for Indie Biotech, yours truly will be giving a 30 minute keynote on the first day. I'll also be helping to facilitate several workshops over the weekend, with plans ranging from in-silico gene design (or, “How do I go from Concept to Ordered DNA?"), a rundown on Irish GMO Licensing Law (which is rather similar to the UK system), and assisting Brian Degger of in giving a Webcam-Microscope hacking workshop.

At the unconference on day 2, I also have loose plans to share some protocols I have used successfully in the past year that make biohacking and DIYbio a lot easier/safer, and to share and air some ideas for feedback or collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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