DIYbio in Dublin, 2pm April 12th (Tomorrow!)

Dear all, there will be a DIYbio meetup in the cafe of the Science Gallery (Pearce Street, Dublin) tomorrow at 2pm. The event is better documented here, with a list of currently registered attendees:


It's free and informal. If you like DIYbio to some extent and you're free, please come along! The point? To meet, greet, and perhaps discuss not-so-weighty matters like forming a regional identity for Irish DIYbio.

I've been informed by the great people at the Science Gallery that they'll be closing early to prepare for their next exhibition, so the event is set to begin at 2 and end at 4. That's more than enough time for a good greet-up and exchange of ideas, and hopefully this meeting will only be the first of many!

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.