Dear ICANN, Please Protect Net Neutrality

The following is an open letter to ICANN, spurred by the suggestion that they might capitulate to demands from lobbyists to help cripple one of the main Top-Level-Domains (TLD) of the internet, the “.net” domain.

I am writing to you to plead that you discard the unreasonable demands of copyright lobby organisations that the .net TLD be subject to unreasonable and unnecessary oversight.

Fitstly, a privatised agreement that supersedes and even expands the already potent DMCA is unnecessary, as a legal route to takedown of infringing content is already well established and, some would say, overused.

Secondly the suggestion that privacy on the register be removed is both hypocritical (the industry lobbyists in question have a private registration) and unnecessary. Moreover, the potential for abuse of such a system is already evident given the invasive, litigious methods already used by copyright lobbyists (serving mass-suits from distant courts to poor families to force settlement for potentially nonexistent “infringements” being only one example of such).

I hope that, as the present stewards of the primary TLDs today, you will see the sense in refusing these demands and preserving the remaining freedom of the internet.

Yours sincerely,
Cathal Garvey

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