Dear all, my DIYbio plasmid has arrived

Some time ago I placed an order for a labour of love of mine: IndieBB. It's a plasmid I designed to make cloning in Bacillus subtilis easier, faster and more reliable. Crucially, it's also supposed to make the whole process antibiotic-free and DIYbio friendly. It's going to be the flagship product of Indie Biotech if it works, and if it sells well enough I'm planning to offer additional cassettes that extend and enhance the plasmid, allowing customers to start performing practical synthetic biology with a minimal lab setup requirement.

Of course, it will also be as close to “Open Source” as is possible with DNA (a non-trivial matter considering that you can't use copyright as a springboard for a Creative-Commons-esque license, but I am considering an MTA) without depending on a patent.

None of my products will ever be crippled or laden with a patent, don't worry.

I can't test it or work with it yet, as I have no EPA license (it's in the works). However, it arrived, and I have the immense satisfaction of knowing that it's real. Now I just to find out if it works.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.