Cork/Dublin Workshoppery

This Friday and Saturday, I'm hosting three daily sessions of a DIYbio workshop, focusing on Amateur Microbiology and Biotechnology. The DIYbio workshops are in the Camden Palace Building, in Nexus Cork (the Cork Makerspace).

Following that, I'm hosting another DIYbio workshop at Mindfield on April 29th in the Hackerspace tent at 8PM, which will follow the same format as the above.

This workshop will focus on microbiology, genetic engineering and synthetic biology as topics of discussion, and participants will be shown the basic techniques of Microbiology. What are bacteria good for? Well, they do virtually everything important on the planet already, and some of them even glow in the dark. What's not to like?

The plan for the one-hour workshop sessions looks like this:

  1. Crash-Course Introduction to Microbiology and Genetics
  2. Introduction to Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology
  3. A focus on Bacillus subtilis, a safe and well-studied soil bacteria
  4. Practical element: Inoculating your first plate of Bacillus subtilis to take home
  5. Round table discussion and brainstorming session on the applications of genetic technology for Economic, Humanitarian and Environmental problem-solving.

Registered participants will have the chance to take home a petri dish of bacteria they have personally inoculated onto a sterile plate, and will be prepared by the preceding presentation and the ensuing discussion to seek out information for themselves on further projects they can try. Participants will also be invited to join a mailing and discussion list for Irish DIYbio to discuss the hobby and plan meetups and events.

For more information on DIYbio, see the website, the Citizen Science Quarterly, or the OpenPCR blog.

If you like the sound of this, bring friends!

Register for the Cork events here: (10AM Friday full)

Register for the Dublin event here: (11/12 still available)

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