Cork USB Dead Drops - Coming Soon from Nexus Cork

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Update: Changed Bitcoin address to a modern one I haven't lost!

Hey all, Cathal here.

I've got a project in the pipeline that I'd like to shout about while it brews. You may have heard about Dead Drops:

Worldwide, governments and corporations are warring against the freedom and enlightenment that universal net access is bringing us. If they have their way, then scarcely a decade after the first net-native generation emerged, the internet will be crippled and controlled by the people who stand to lose the most from true, informed democracy. Dead Drops was and is a project to spur thinking and creative, preventative solutions to this secret war for free speech.

Here in Ireland, we already have some of the worst internet freedoms in Europe.

  • We have one of the (if not the) worst broadband networks, and some of our EU cousin states have a minimum permissible broadband speed (as a human right!) faster than what's called “Broadband” in Ireland.
  • The company behind the main network of Irish broadband, Eircom, has already started censoring sites at the behest of the Copyright cartel (IRMA being the local mobsters); The Pirate Bay, not just a sharing site but a clearing-house for free speech and community-funded creative work, is off-limits to Eircom customers and most Irish internet users. It won't be the last site, and censorship always starts with the least popular sites in the public image.
  • Blacklisting and censorship by Gardai has already started, as detailed here. Although the intent at present seems noble (preventing child pornography being distributed*), it is being done secretively and access to the “blacklist” cannot be seen. In other blacklists already leaked in “western” countries, sites such as homosexuality support networks and political opponents of the ruling parties were blocked, but without access to the blacklist, the public could not know how low the censorship measures had gone.

Don't attend the latest big-media sponsored eG8 farce and ask nicely. Take your free data, and keep it free. Ensure your privacy and your rights to free speech and assembly. Ensure your right to enjoy the creative work of some of the most influential and important authors and musicians of our time, who helped shape society but whose music is constantly being suppressed by retrospective copyright extensions.

In less than a month, we at Nexus will be rolling out at least six USB dead drops, preloaded with a collection of great free-culture Music, Movies and Books, and with Free, Libre and Open Source software (FLOSS) that you can use to protect your identity, privacy, and rights online and offline. We'll let you know where they end up, and they'll be added to the global dead drops map to boot; the first of their kind in Ireland** (but not the last)**.

Nexus Cork: Prodding you to preserve your rights and share your creativity since 2010. :)

If you have bitcoin and fancy buying us a USB drive to contribute, here's an address: 1CnDYs7KbyTSob6V326q44UQjQgvNm7qXA

*Recording industry spokesman Johan Schluter was quoted once in Sweden as saying “Child Pornography is Great” because he felt it helped their cause; corporation-directed internet censorship.

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