Links are the lifeblood of the internet, but they are diminishing as people rely more and more on Google to find things. I know people not too much younger than me, who don’t even know how to use URLs. They simply put the site they are looking for, frequently fully formed URLs themselves, into Google’s search box and select the first result.

This is tragically depressing; without Links, we all become serfs to content aggregators, and we become unable to discover new ideas and content without intermediation by megacorporations. Whom, may I add, do not have our best interests in heart or mind.

So, I’m going to continue the old ways, and link to things I find interesting in a clear and easily discovered / navigated way. I strongly urge you to do the same. The below links are categorised, for your convenience.

Irish Maker / Hacker Culture

Here are some people and groups throughout Ireland who do amazing stuff under the broad bailiwick of “Making” or “Hacking”.

My Peeps

People who I generally think are excellent, and who deserve a look for the great stuff they do. :)

Neat Stuff

DIYbio, Biohacking, Awesome Biotech

I’ve been active in DIYbio for years, so I’ve made a lot of cool friends that do stunning stuff in biotech. I was a mentor and all-round-helper during SynbioAxlr8r (now IndieBio), and I subsequently directed IndieBio EU 20152016. So, safe to say that I’ve met lots of commendable people working on living technologies.