For years I've been pursuing democratised biotechnology and other technologies, and I've documented much of that work here. My interests are broad, so the subject matter here is broad, also.

Formerly, this was two separate blogs; one personal (first at cunningprojects.com, later at cathalgarvey.me) and one professional (indiebiotech.com). These days, I see little point in separating the two. IndieBiotech was my chronicle of independent synthetic biology, which lead to me becoming the first licensed individual for genetic engineering in Ireland (possibly the EU). In my basement-lab, I spent a few years creating custom engineered bacteria designed to widen access to biotechnology by cutting out tricky methods and equipment. While none of the engineered bacteria directly made their way into other labs, the process saw me co-curate a design exhibit, speak at several large technology events, coach at the world's first ever synthetic biology accelerator, and later join the accelerator as Scientific Director. IndieBiotech has been, for me, an amazing vehicle.

In 2016 I merged and migrated the blogs to a static blog and repatriated them to a single-board linux computer in my study. Given that your browser is currently approximately 5 meters from me, let me say Hello and Welcome! I hope you enjoy the content here, and feel free to get in touch if you have anything interesting to add!